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Severe Geomagnetic Storm hits our planet as we speak!

From our KIA KidVentures desk, 11 May 2024

Source: NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory

KIA Kids are known to discuss the very latest of global current affiars in Science, Engineering, and Technology. When this graced our media this morning, we knew our geniuses would have a lot to say about it!

We urge the parents to discuss and explore the following with our students for our next STEM Current Affairs session. It is important that our learners are informed about global events that may affect their career choices in the near future.

  • What is a Solar Storm and why does it happen?

  • How does the Solar Storm affects our GPS, Communication System and Human Health?

  • How can AI help humans to prepare better for "dangerous space weather"?

Watch with them a few videos including this one about the current and ongoing Solar Storm.

Source:Thomas Mulligan

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