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Kids Innovate Africa is a Cape Town-based Edtech organization introducing industry 4.0 skills to Africa's future leaders (5 - 18 yr olds) through educational robotics, coding, and animation.
We provide an environment that fosters a 'Creative Mindset' for children and youth,
helping them to divert less attention to the consumption of tech (on games,etc.)
Our students are given opportunities to
lead, research, investigate, and present ideas amongst their peers.

Our students participate in global events such as FIRST Lego League, World Robot Olympiad, and similar robotics and tech competitions.


We use educational robotics, coding, and tech tools to help young people develop these key skills:
Critical thinking, Communication, Collaboration, and Computational thinking skills.
Through our Robotics with Neurodiverse initiative.
We implement inclusivity in access to quality education

With our Train the Trainer program.
We empower teachers to help their students understand theoretical STEM concepts. 

Students learn the fundamentals of Engineering and Technology by exploring, designing, building, and programming robots.

Concepts such as Space, Earth, Natural, and Physical Sciences, Engineering and Mathematics come to live in our classes!


In Coding, students learn website development, game development, and , including concepts such as debugging (problem-solving skills), algorithms (logical thinking), variables and operators (mathematical concepts), and design thinking skills.


In Game Development, students learn to design and develop assets and various elements.  They spend time in the creative space and not in the consumption space.   
They learn to build their own games using programming and animation.


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