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About Us

Our Mission & Origin

Kids Innovate Africa (KIA) is an edutech organisation established in 2015 in Cape Town, South Africa.  We offer an introduction to the field of Computer Science and Engineering through Robotics and Coding to 5 - 18-year-olds.  Our objective is to ignite the interest in STEM education for African kids at the grassroots level.

Empowering The Next Generation

We are nurturing the next generation of innovators to be grounded in the Çreator's Space' - thereby refocusing the energy spent in the Çonsumption Space' on TV/computer/ mobile games. 

Our Dedicated Team

Our team is made up of experienced coding and robotics instructors who enjoy working with young people and creating an inclusive learning environment.  We pride ourselves on being professional, punctual, open communicators, kind, and authentic.  We advocate these values with our students.

Our Vision

To develop a new generation of ‘African Think Tanks’ - equipped with critical 'skills of the future' for advancing innovation as a tool to solve community challenges through tech.

Our Values

Our learners are central to our strategy formulation and implementation.  We are inclusive of our stakeholders' views and opinions.


We are agile towards change, and we believe growth and learning are synonymous.

We are pro-active in our approach, and conduct our activities with integrity, gracious professionalism, and openness.

Our Focus

Learners between 5 - 18 years old. 

Teachers Empowerment

Unburdening schools by taking over the implementation/ administration of R&C.

Inclusive Schools (focusing on Neurodivergent)

Our Uniqueness

Our passion pushes us out of our comfort zone, to corners where potential and talent seem hidden in plain side. We care.


We structure our lessons with our individual learners in mind. We are thoughtful.


We intentionally look for moments in each session where each learner can be celebrated by their peers for their strengths, courage, and failures.


Once we've spotted specific interest in our learners, we nurture that talent in STEM. We live in sustainability and diversity.


 "We are seeing results in Mune and we are positive she will do much more this term."


Mom, July 2023

 "Both my girls are attending robotics, and are loving it. ."


Tammy, Jul 2023

 "Bjorn is enjoying his lessons, because this is so new for us ..."


Mom, April 2023


Contact Us

Visit our centre at:

Sandown Square Business Park,


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About Us
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