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Hear What Our Community Has to Say

- Mom, July 2023

"We are seeing results in Mune and we are positive she will do much more this term."

- Tammy, Jul 2023

"Both my girls are attending robotics, and are loving it. ."

- Mom, April 2023

"Bjorn is enjoying his lessons, because this is so new for us ..."

- Yengwa, Grade 1 teacher, 2023

"I will use this particular concept to teach my Grade 1s about directions, numbers, following instructions, English and Maths vocabulary. The facilitators are very warm and knowledgeable."

- Nathan, Grade 4 teacher, 2023

"This workshop has taught me that, there is always a way. You just need to problem solve."

- Robotics teacher, Cape Town, 2022

"You guys have made such a significant impact on our students.  They can now engage confidently during class discussions, their communication skills and confidence levels have improved a lot!"

- Marli, Grade 7 teacher, 2023

"Your workshop taught me that I need to work with a plan.  I can also transfer the soft skills that I have learned to my learners."

- Cape Town, March 2023

"I need my kids to stay in your program.  They can develop an interest in technology now, and this can help prepare them for a better future.  This is the only way for me, as a single mom."

- Dad, Cape Town, April 2023 

"My son is more focused in class since starting robotics with you guys.  Let me show you his school report to see how good he did this term" 

- Engineer & Programme Officer, ASSET, 2022

" I enjoyed the Mathematics part of Robotics, and designing my robot.  i look forward to transferring my newfound knowledge with my high school students"

- Teacher, Cape Town, 2023

"This workshop has taught me to pause and think about the outcome before adjusting our team strategy."

- Yvette, June 2023

"One of favourite things to do is to drop and collect Cameron from Robotics! On the way there I have to listen to his enthusiastic plans that he has for the team and the robot and on the way home he tells me excitedly what they all accomplished."

- Mom, Cape Town, April 2023

"Your feedback report for the term was so spot on. And I know that's something he needs to work on, I am hopeful that we'll see the improvement soon"

- BSc Graduate & Enrichment Officer

" I enjoyed the content delivery. Every workshop topic was explained thoroughly and was followed by hands-on activities when we had to try out.  Being responsible for starting and facilitating robotics at schools, I feel empowered to coach and guide my learners"

- Colin, Grade 7 teacher

"Your workshop has taught me how to give learners clear instructions in class".

- Merle, Cape Town, 2020

"... I could hear him from the kitchen as he was shouting excitedly during the online lesson; "I finally got it! I got the code right!". I don't want him to miss out on any lessons"

- Annie, Seapoint, 2021

"We travel from so far away every Saturday to make sure that my daughter does not miss robotics.  This is something she looks forward to every weekend.  I cannot afford to have her miss it - especially because she's moved from an average performer in CAT to being an A student since she's been doing robotics here"

- Muda, Grade 7 teacher, April 2023

"This workshop has demonstrated to me the value of applying logical thinking - this skill is important in understanding Maths and Science".

- Jerishka, Grade 6 teacher, 2023

"You taught us new techniques and skills to broaden our thinking."

- Laura, June 2023

"Well organised educational extra mural where they learn valuable lessons through play.."

- Michelle, 2021

"I really appreciate how patient you are with the kids.  I've noticed so much growth in my son since he started doing robotics with you guys."

- Annemie, Durbanville, 2022

"I cannot believe this is my son." Said a teary mom filled with joy.  "I have noticed my son sprout with enthusiasm that I rarely see at home.  He's become more open, he smiles a lot, and he's become more playful since he's started doing robotics here on Saturdays."

- Mom, Milnerton, 2023

"My son did not know how to use a computer when he started robotics.  Now he has gained confidence and he loves it!"

- Mom, ​Jun 2023

"Jayden got 95% in CAT this term. An improvement from 84% last term. Thanks to KIA, my child's performance continues to thrive since she started with KIA in 2020".

- Mom, May 2023

"Yaseen loves robotics!  He was offsick from school, and all he was worried about was missing his robotics workshop".

- Juliet, Mom, Finance & BD Consultant, Kampala

"... we appreciate your Support, Patience, and Commitment towards the learners. The coder in my house has grown tremendously and so intelligent these days. I will forever be grateful for even the leadership traits she seems to be picking from Coding."

- Executive Director - Association for Educational Transformation, 2022

"Facilitators are very patient and easy to engage with. I enjoyed how each day's program was explained and the opportunity that was given to evaluate our skills at each stage"'

- Mech Engineer & former Science Centre employee, Cape Town.

"No question went unanswered during the training. What I learned with KIA would come in handy when training my students"

- Babra, Kampala, 2020

"My kids were so thrilled to show us fantastic cartoons which they made with from code!  Their knowledge base has increased since enrolling for your online coding lessons - they talk about degrees, positions, variables, and a whole lot..."

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